Who Can See My Information
  • You are in a secure environment.

  • Click here to search for jobs in jobs.mt.gov without registering. You will not have to enter any personal information. However, to see referral instructions for the majority of jobs you will need to login and register with this site.

  • Some employers request only qualified applicants see referral instructions for their jobs. To see referral instructions on these jobs, you must register with the site. This allows us to help employers find qualified applicants. To view referral instructions on these jobs, you should complete the Seeker Info, Employment, Education, and Skills tabs, adding all the employment history and education you have.

  • You can complete a full registration, and still hide your information from employers by unchecking the "Allow employers to search for and view my resume." checkbox. To change the checkbox click on the edit general information link on the Seeker Info tab. Employers will not know you have used the system and will not be able to see your resume unless this checkbox is checked.