Key Points to Consider for Completing a Registration

Please consider the following suggestions when you are registering for services in to make the most of your job search:

  • Provide complete employment and education information; include as much detail as possible.
    • After registering, preview your resume to ensure it is error-free and adequately represents your experience and qualifications.
    • Your Objective Statement will be the first thing employers see; make sure it represents your skills and qualifications and tells employers the type of work you are seeking.
    • Check ALL appropriate preferred contact methods – Your resume will only display information for those you have checked. Remember, even if you prefer to be contacted in one way, employers may wish to use a variety of methods.
    • Update your information whenever appropriate to ensure you are considered for all jobs where you meet the minimum qualifications.
NOTE: To view referral instructions for most jobs you must be registered and login to the site. The more complete your registration is (by adding accurate, detailed skills and qualifications), the more jobs you may be qualified for.